Mayor’s Priorities

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney
Mayor Levar M. Stoney

Improve Richmond Public Schools

It is imperative that City Council and City Hall actively support our schools and strengthen the communities that make education and students thrive. The introduction of the Education Compact demonstrates the Mayor, City Council, and the School Board’s continued commitment to working together to improve Richmond Public Schools and create school environments conducive to learning. The Education Compact can be accessed here.

Public Safety

Public Safety is vital to the creation of a Richmond that is a vibrant and dynamic place to live and work, which is why I supported fully-funding the Richmond Police Department during the latest budget cycle. City Council also voted to decompress policy officers’ salaries to ensure that annual salaries are raised as appropriate, which we hope will revitalize our force and aid in officer retention. Programs like Nextdoor also unite our communities and work to improve safety in the First District as well.

Address Service Delivery

I am always looking for ways to improve service delivery from the City to constituents, which is why I pioneered in the introduction of the SeeClickFix mobile app into the Richmond market. With a user-friendly interface and simplistic reporting method, SeeClickFix allows the City to respond to constituent concerns and reports in a timely manner. Additionally, RVAOne and Nextdoor both help the City address and resolve residents’ requests. The City Council 311 call center is also available to take constituent requests at (804) 646-7000.

Improve Core Services

This past budget cycle, City Council voted to change the way leaves are collected in the City. Moving forward, leafs will need to be bagged in order to be removed from lawns and properties. While the future of leaf collection is still being decided by City Council, I have publicly supported an on-demand leaf vacuuming system that can supplement the City’s removal of bagged leaves.

Office of Community Wealth Building

Mayor Stoney feels passionately about the reduction of poverty in the City of Richmond, and while there are no quick fixes or easy solutions to the causes of generational poverty, we hope that a community-wide plan and vision for systematic change can begin to change Richmond. The Mayor’s Annual Report on Poverty Reduction can be accessed here, and the Office of Community Wealth Building can be reached at (804) 646-6374.