FAQ’s and Resources


How do I know which voter district I live in?

You can access voter district information through Richmond’s Real Estate Assessor, accessible here.

In what police sector is the First District located?

The First District is located in Police Sector 311 and closest to the Third Police Precinct. More information about Richmond police, police sectors, and police precincts can be accessed here.

Where is my polling place located?

Voting information, including updated information regarding polling places, can be accessed through the Richmond City Voter Registration and Elections website page and the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Where can I access more information regarding the Richmond Fire Department?

Information about Richmond Fire is available here.

How do I report an issue to the City such overgrown lots, potholes that need repair, fallen tree limbs, etc.?

You can report issues to the City by calling the 311 Call Center (804-646-7000), or using the RVA311 website or mobile app. The Call Center and RVA311 can also be used to report any other constituent concern, such as zoning issues, tax statuses, and more.

I’d like to speak at a City Council meeting regarding an issue that is important to me. How do I do this?

There is time set aside each City Council meeting for Citizen Comment. It lasts no longer than 30 minutes each meeting, with each citizen asked to keep remarks shorter than 3 minutes. Every citizen wishing to present a matter to the Council must make a request to the City Clerk no later than 12:00 noon on the date of the meeting at which the citizen wishes to speak for an allotment of time. More information regarding the City Council’s Rules of Procedure can be accessed here.

What schools are located in the First District?

There are three schools located in the First District: Mary Munford Elementary School, Albert Hill Middle School, and Thomas Jefferson High School. However, First District residents may be zoned to neighboring Fox Elementary, located in the 2nd district. See more here.

I want to join my neighborhood Civic Association, but don’t know to which one my home belongs. How can I find out?

An informational map of all Richmond City Civic Associations can be accessed here, which will allow you to locate the proper association for your neighborhood. Updated contact information of the Civic Association leaders is also included on that site.

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